Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of the world May 21st? Most of people say Camping has his math wrong about judgement day 2011

Is the apple advancing to an end May 21, 2011? Harold Camping says so. The Colorado abbot insists Doomsday is this Saturday, so it charge be true.
“The accomplished cosmos is activity to be destroyed by fire," says Camping, who created a blueprint based on Bible verses to define the end of the world.
May 21 Weather Forecast: Rapture Apparently he's not the alone believer. Some followers of his Doomsday approach accept already abdicate their jobs as allotment of their affairs for the end.
May as well, right? Rapture trumps recession. Safe to say the 89-year-old abbot and his backers ancillary with Kirk Cameron over Stephen Hawking.

The 89-year-old uses rather adult equations all angry to one date - the date of the flood from Noah’s Ark. His affectionate followers accept accepted this.
Of course, there accept been bags of predictions angry to the end of the apple or the apocalypse, and all angry out to be BS. So who knows.

Its gonna be the biggest rumors of all time.

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