Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ivan De La Pena Retirement

 Ivan De la Pena...

Espanyol player, Ivan De la Pena announced retirement from the world of football. 35 years old playmaker has struggled to get out of the membelitnya injury last year. Even in two years, he only played five times in the arena of La Liga. De la Pena is a player who had studied in Barcelona in 1991 and began his career at Barcelona B team in 1993. During his career at Barcelona, ​​Ivan had donated Spanish League titles (1997-98), one UEFA Cup (1996-97), UEFA Super Cup (1997) and one Spanish Cup titles (1996-97). Prior to Espanyol in 2002, De la Pena also had a chance to strengthen Lazio and Marseille. Meanwhile, the Spanish national team he incised five hats.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, which seems to cry Ivan stated, "I want to play more often this year, but, unfortunately due to injury I can not do what I want. Thanks to everyone who supported me memebrikan my mind says. To continue to survive life, but my body is not so. "Espanyol who will face Sevilla on Sunday morning (22/05), will become a showcase for De la Pena to make a farewell match.

"I hope I can play once again in the field, after all this time and say goodbye to the middle of the field. That would be a difficult fight for me, but it also feels good," added De la Pena. "I hope the coach gives me the opportunity to play after this I do not think it would be like what, I love the world of football. But I want to enjoy time with family for a while."

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