Thursday, May 19, 2011

Unique film el classico

Unique film el classico....

EL Clasico episodes this season have passed, but still it still leaves a lot of stories, from the failure of El Real to the Champions League final, a race argument between Mourinho and Pep, until the suspension is given UEFA for Special One. Of all events, it turns bitter rivalry Madrid vs. Barcelona will inspire many. One of them through YouTube videos uploaded by Screamboy012 What happens when Jose Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and scared half to death and fled when the "haunted" Lionel Messi cs?

In the video that Mourinho, CR7, and Cassilas so frightened when the "haunted" and persecuted Messi, Xavi, Alves, Pique, even entrenador Pep Guardiola no lag involved. Perhaps also this video is creativity Barcelonitas, but everyone that this video is unique, creative, and certainly very entertaining, especially for supporters of Barca faithful. Is there any answer from Madridistas creativity ...? we'll wait.

Watch the movie :

horreur barça.mp4 (at youtube)

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