Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wenger will strive for Fabregas at the Emirates

Cesc Fabregas...

The news that Cesc Fabregas moved to the club where he began his football education, Barcelona, ​​continued to grow recently Arsenal failed to win a trophy at the end of the season for the umpteenth time. 

Barcelona does not intend to draw Fabregas to play at the Catalan club, but Wenger believes his team captain would choose to stay in North London.

"I hope he remains in my will to fight extra hard to make it survive .. You will always struggle when you have quality players." "I believe that the greatest pride a captain is the commitment shown to the club and lifted the trophy for the team," said Wenger. "

A player who changed his mind when he was frustrated, then he will not even get a trophy in his hand.I believe that quality in the world of football is full commitment to the club and not go as they pleased when things do not work as expected, "added the professor Fabregas himself during the run of the season., Many struggled with injury and Wenger hopes more players will contribute season front, "He (Fabregas) has played 22 times from 38 League this season .. I hope next season he could play at least 30 times and I am sure there will be a big difference if that happens, "added Wenger.

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