Friday, August 29, 2008

The WAGS Role Model

The WAG role models: Expert tells children to look up to footballers' wives

Alex Curran

Alex Curran, wife of Steven Gerrard, has a beauty qualificationThey are the fake-tan blondes whose specialist subjects on Mastermind would be Shopping and Looking Vacuous.Or so you might think, given the popular perception of the football WAGs.But in fact players' wives and girlfriends are good role models for young women, who should look up to them if they want to get on in life.That's the

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cherryl Tweedy

Cherryl Tweedy - the wife of england football player Ashley Cole

Czech Girls in Euro 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rough Start for Manchester United

We were playing in our home ground on our first match of the season. We were up against one of the most under performing team of last season; Newcastle United. The premises were promising for a great season start up with a win, but it was not to be that way...

Instead, we were drawn for a 1-1 scoreline. Suggested that the main reason for the draw was the absence of one Carlos Tevez. Tevez has been a beast throughout the pre-season, and Frazier Campbell, tough also had shown a lot of potential during the pre-season, just can't fill into the Argentinian's role of playing and influence in the attacking department.

And not only that, we actually conceded the first goal against Newcastle. It was Obafemi Martins who drew first blood for the home team. The Nigerian, tough he had a bad season last year, proved that he can be deadly as well with his header on the 22nd minute. If there is any positive note that can be taken is our fast reaction time after the goal. Just two minutes after the goal, the Scotland international, the lanky and skinny Darren Fletcher managed to pull an equalizer.

In the second half, we had a couple of chances to win the match. One of them came from Nemanja Vidic, who unfortunately had his header denied by the goal post. The draw result made Manchester United the only club from the elite big four which failed to secure a win in the first day of the season.

After the match, Fergie admitted that Manchester United needs another forward. The absence of Tevez proved to be the significant factor of Manchester United lacks of fire power. The quest for any of Roque Santa Cruz or Berbatov's signature is the focus before the transfer window closes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Transfer & Non-Transfer News

With the start of the new season nearly upon us I've decided this is a good time to recap the transfer news of summer that is soon winding to a close.

Hmm let's start with the good news first because there's not much of it so we'll get it out of the way quickly:

Well we held on to Ronaldo which, as much as he still is a little cunt, is a good thing because he is as close to irreplaceable as you'll get in football. Still, nothing he does this season, no matter how heroic or jaw-droppingly incredible, will illicit any more than a gentle golf clap out of me. Until he fucks off to Madrid at the end o
f the season. Then I'll give him a standing ovation. Ok what else...oh right we didn't sell Frazier Campbell like we usually do with any young promising talent that tries to make it into the first team. That was a pleasant surprise. I hope he gets a chance to prove himself this season because he's definitely quality.

Ok, seriously, how am I supposed to cheer for this?

Yup. That's it. No more good news to report for the summer of wheelings and non-dealings. Now the bad news in quick bullet points because there's so much:

- Sold Gerard Pique, soon-to-be one of the top 10 defenders in the world. Haven't bought any replacements so no defensive cover to speak of. Wonderful.
- Didn't sell Mikael Silvestre as expected so technically he is our defensive cover. Even better.
- Didn't buy a long-term right-back replacement for the aging Gary Neville. Apparently Sir Alex expects Wes Brown to make another deal with the devil and have another surprisingly competent season.
- According to the latest reports today, we bought Dimi Berbatov to finally address our need for another striker. 'But why is this bad news?' I hear you inquire. Well, little ones, gather round close and let me tell you a little tale I like to call: The Extortion of Manchester United...

Once upon a time (about a month ago) Manchester United bid a reasonable 20 million pounds for the services of Dimi Berbatov. Dimi's employers, Tottenham, rejected the bid and asked for a ludicrous 38 million pounds instead. United laughed heartily at such a suggestion and began looking elsewhere. After a month or so they could not find another striker to buy and desperately bid a slightly less ludicrous but still ridiculous 28 million for Dimi. Tottenham gleefully accepted. United got fucked over. Now to put this in perspective:

- Liverpool paid 3 million less for Fernando Torres who is 4 years younger than 27 year old Berbatov and about 5 times better, give or take.
- Liverpool also paid 20 million for Berbatov's teammate, Robbie Keane, of similar age and talent.
- United paid the same amount for Rio Ferdinand but he's been the rock of our defense for the past 5 years so I'd say it's money well spent.
- United paid the same amount for WAYNE ROONEY. 20 years old at the time and ABOUT 10 TIMES BETTER THAN BERBATOV, give or take.

I'm not amused.

Manchester United eZine Updates

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Cristiano "Slave" Ronaldo : "I'm Staying with Manchester United"

Finally, the long awaited confirmation from the most controversial figure in world football has been said by the man in question himself. Cristiano Ronaldo will be a part of the Manchester United's squad for the 2008/2009 season. After performing of what many consider as the finest display of football in the modern era, by scoring over 40 goals in all competition last season, Ronaldo has been the main discussion and focus of the uncertain world of football transfer saga, especially during the Euro 2008 tournament.
On that particular tournament, Ronaldo said in an interview that he wants to play for Real Madrid but it is not up to him. Madrid, not wanting to let another "merchandise seller" goes to waste, embraced Ronaldo's ambition of new challenge. They went for any means possible, including persuading Pepe, Ronaldo's team mates in the national team, and even go as far as influencing Ronaldo's closest person : his family. Not only that, they even said that they're willing to pay him a whoping 250 thousand pounds per week had he moved to Madrid, a sum that many expert said would create a lot of havoc in the professional football world, as noone has ever been paid that high before.
Ever since then, things had not going too well between Ronaldo and the Manchester United fans, who feel really dissapointed by their superstar's somewhat ignorant and arogant behaviour. Especially when Sepp Blatter said that what United to hold Ronaldo based on his contract as a "Modern Slavery", something that Blatter should've thought a thousand times before he said that a man who is paid 150 thousand pounds per week is a "slave", someting that Blatter later denied to have said after a lot of critics said that his remarks were offendable that hurts a lot of people who still live in poverty in other parts of the world, but ever since then United fans start calling Ronaldo with the nick name "Slave".
It was so much heat, that Fergie decided to have an eye to eye meeting with Ronaldo before the Manchester United African tour during the pre-season. Fergie later confirmed that both he and Ronaldo had reach an "Understanding" with each other and the Portuguese will stay with Manchester United. But a few days later, Ronaldo appeared on a TV interview and he denied that he had totally pledged his loyalty to the Red Devil and refused to confirm Fergie's statement. He said "It's normal that clubs want to sign a great player, I am a great player. Every season this kind of thing happens to me. I can be motivated where ever I play, whether in Madrid or Manchester. But the future is not certain, I can't never tell the future...".
Something that did not sit very well with the Red Devil fans... And it was all apparent in the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer testimonial match, where Old Trafford sang all the chants for every Manchester United player, except the chants for "Cristiano Ronaldo". It was clear that he had broke our heart, and it would be very difficult for him, if ever to mend it.
But at last, finally he said it himself "I am staying...". Not only that, it seems that Ronaldo has learned his lesson, not only he said that he will stay, he also apologized to the fans about his actions lately. "I never want to leave Manchester (United). Ferguson is like a second father to me, and yes we had met. He said his arguments, I said mine, but in the end we both agreed that it is best for to stay at Manchester United.".
Ferguson, on the other hand, warned him that he will not get a warm welcome at Old Trafford. But he also asked the fan to be a little "softer" towards him, because afterall, Ronaldo was the main reason we won the Double Title last season. In the end, I agree with what Ronaldo said.... Nothing is certain in football. Both Beckham and RvN had called Fergie "Their second father" before they were kicked out of the club, I do have a strong feeling that 2008/09 will be Ronaldo's last season with us. But in some strange feeling, I somehow predict that next season Ronaldo will be going to Madrid with a super trade package deal for Rafael van der Vaart. Van der Vaart used to be our main target before we signed Ronaldo, and I always like him, if I am able to see him in a Red Devil shirt, I will be very happy to have such an offensive and genius player playing for us....
But in the mean time, we have to stick with Ronaldo. And I hope he really delivers his promise to give his heart and soul for Manchester United, he knows he needs to do that to earn back the respect and love from the fans that (used to) adore him...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

MikeyM's Ole Gunnar's Testimonial Match Photos

My friend from The SoccerGaming Forum, MikeyM, went to watch the game live at Old Trafford (lucky damn bastard...), and he took some on the set pictures of the match. I'm sure Mikey would like all of you readers of the Red Blood Blog to enjoy it as well, so here they are :

United players lining-up before kick-off

The infamous, eternal 20LEGEND banner

You can feel the heart felt welcome from Carlos Tevez

Ole had a dip on goal

Final goodbye from a Legend

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ole Gunnar's Testimonial...

No words can describe what I feel when I saw Ole Gunnar waved goodbye to the fans. It gave me goosebumps, it brought tears to my eyes, yet at the same time there was a great proud feeling to have a great loyal player such as is to play in my shirt for such a long time.
You can feel that there was so much respect in the air. From his peers, the fans, Alex Ferguson and even from the opposition, genuine respect and most probably love as well.
Old Trafford, again, has to let go one of its proudest sons, but in Ole Gunnar's case it's just out of the playing pitch, since he has became the youth team squad in the striking department. It is in my best wish he will do well, and I'm sure he will do more than just making them a lethal striker, but also teach the youngsters what's the word "Loyalty, Respect and Profesionalism" is all about.
"Loyalty" means you have to stick with your club and your peers no matter what. Ole Gunnar never got involved in a physical tussle on the pitch with any opposing players, even with our fiercest rivals such as Arsenal and Liverpool. But that doesn't necessarilly means that Ole is one coward pussy that won't jump in into a fight for his team-mates (oh believe me, he would give his right leg for United if he has too...). But, Ole always involved himself in a classy, respectable manne. He went in there as the peacemaker, trying to get into anyone's head and telling them "We don't need this sh*t, let's just play football dammit...".
And if ever there were a case a United player should demand a transfer, it was Ole Gunnar who deserves to have such request. He could've scored more goals in his career, due to the fact that he would've been a starter in any other clubs. But when the opportunity arrised in 1999 when Tottenham's bid was accepted by the club, did Ole Gunnar go ? No, he didn't even have to think twice and at the end of the season he made that legendary winning goal at the ECL Final at Camp Nou.
Even after that, Ole didn't let it go over his head. He was still the humble player on the bench, analyzing the matches and ready to get it done when the manager calls upon him. That's "Respect and Professionalism". Ole respected the role that has been given to him as a "Super Sub", he also respected the manager's decision, and when he should be on to the pitch, even under one minute remaining, he'll go there and give his 100% for his peers, the club and most of all the fans.
Ole's dedication should be an inspiration for any young players these days. Let them know that there is something more in football other than "money, championships, advertiser endorsements, fancy nifty tricks, etc". There are greater values of real life in the beautiful game and that's what Ole has been showing and practicing day by day at Old Trafford, and I'm trully privileged to have seen that.
In the testimonial, Manchester United beat Espanyol 1-0 in front 68,868 Red Devils who came to pay their respect and appreciation to Ole. Fraizer Campbell got the goal for the European champions against the mid-table Spanish side.
Ole finally came on for in the final 22 minutes of his testimonial, and eventough he retired one year ago, he still looked as the best forward on the field. Ole had his first chance after a selfless assist by his old team mate Ryan Giggs, Ole's strong shot flew just wide of the left-hand post and, seconds later, Espanyol goalkeeper Alvarez Cristian required two attempts to keep out another shot from the man of the moment.
Finally, nine minutes from time, a pass from Giggs gave the electrifyingly quick Campbell the edge to get ahead of his markers and slot a clinical finish past Cristian.
Again, thank you 20LEGEND, you will always be in our hearts....
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Red Blood eZine Issue 02

As promised, the Red Blood eZine issue. 02 featuring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as its main featured profile is here ;

In this issue, you will read :
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- Interviews with the man himself;
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