Saturday, May 28, 2011

Most winning uefa champion league trophy

Since the Uefa Champions League was first held in 1956 ie until the year 2011, Real Madrid became the largest collectors of the ninth degree followed Ac Milan with 7 degree. Then, whether the club will be bringing the European Champions League Cup 2011?

No doubt champion for the year 2010/2011 season is Fc Barcelona after overthrowing machester united by a landslide score 3-1 to Barcelona.

Barcelona won the 4th after a long trip and ended up at Wembley in 2011 met with Manchester united to repeat the history of the final 2008/2009.

Here is a list of European Cup winners / UEFA Champions League from year to year :

 2011 : Barcelona Fc (Spain)
2010: Inter Milan (Italy)
2009: Barcelona (Spain)
2008: Manchester United (England)
2007: AC Milan (Italy)
2006: Barcelona (Spain)
2005: Liverpool (England)
2004: Porto (Portugal)
2003: AC Milan (Italy)
2002: Real Madrid (Spain)
2001: Bayern Munich (Germany)
2000: Real Madrid (Spain)
1999: Manchester United (England)
1998: Real Madrid (Spain)
1997: Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
1996: Juventus (Italy)
1995: Ajax (Netherlands)
1994: AC Milan (Italy)
1993: Marseille (France)
1992: Barcelona (Spain)
1991: Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
1990: AC Milan (Italy)
1989: AC Milan (Italy)
1988: PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
1987: Porto (Portugal)
1986: Steaua Bucharest (Romania)
1985: Juventus (Italy)
1984: Liverpool (England)
1983: Hamburg (Germany)
1982: Aston Villa (England)
1981: Liverpool (England)
1980: Nottingham Forest (England)
1979: Nottingham Forest (England)
1978: Liverpool (England)
1977: Liverpool (England)
1976: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1975: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1974: Bayern Munich (Germany)
1973: Ajax (Netherlands)
1972: Ajax (Netherlands)
1971: Ajax (Netherlands)
1970: Feyenoord (Netherlands)
1969: AC Milan (Italy)
1968: Manchester United (England)
1967: Celtic (Scotland)
1966: Real Madrid (Spain)
1965: Inter Milan (Italy)
1964: Inter Milan (Italy)
1963: AC Milan (Italy)
1962: Benfica (Portugal)
1961: Benfica (Portugal)
1960: Real Madrid (Spain)
1959: Real Madrid (Spain)
1958: Real Madrid (Spain)
1957: Real Madrid (Spain)
1956: Real Madrid (Spain)

The order of the club which won the most:

Real Madrid (Spain): 9
AC Milan (Italy): 7
Liverpool (England): 5
Bayern Munich (Germany), Ajax (Netherlands): 4
Barcelona (Spain): 4
Inter Milan (Italy), Manchester United (England): 3
Benfica (Portugal), Juventus (Italy), Nottingham Forest (England), Porto (Portugal): 2

Note: This competition is known as the European Nations Cup until 1993, then converted into the Champions League

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