Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sudirman Cup live stream 2011

Watch Sudirman Cup on internet TV. BWF drawing results of quarterfinal Badminton Sudirman Cup 2011 Qingdao:

China vs India LIVE
Korea vs Malaysia LIVE
Denmark vs Chinese Taipei LIVE
Indonesia vs Japan LIVE

Finally, the qualification group of Badminton Sudirman Cup 2011 Qingdao is over. There are 2 teams in each group who gets the quarterfinal ticket of Sudirman Cup 2011 Qingdao.

In the group A, China and Japan got the quarterfinal ticket. Then, Indonesia and Malaysia got quarterfinal ticket from group B, Chinese Taipei and India became the representatives from Group C and Denmark and Korea became the last representatives from Group D.

Right after the last match in Group D Denmark versus Korea, BWF holds the drawing for the quarterfinal Badminton Sudirman Cup 2011 Qingdao. In the top pole, China will against India in the quarterfinal badminton Sudirman Cup 2011. Then Malaysia and Korea should be faced to get the semifinal ticket badminton Sudirman Cup 2011 Qingdao.

Hope you can enjoy to watch LIVE Sudirman Cup online stream

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