Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Manchester United Win Premiere leauge 2011

Premiere League 2011

Manchester United (MU) officially became the Premier League champions 2011. These results were confirmed after the club was made by Alex Ferguson managed to draw against Blackburn Rovers by a score of 1-1 in the Premier League continued at Ewood Park on Saturday (05/14/2011) night WIB.

Wayne Rooney scored a penalty in the second round, while giving MU ensure ourselves as a Premiership Jura 2011. Blackburn Rovers cons interesting enough for the "Red Devils" escape from the pursuit of stalking behind Chelsea.

The success of Manchester United won the Premier League in 2011 to bring special meaning for the club "Red Devils". With a title this time, Manchester United managed to register themselves as the biggest club in the Premiership scene with a record 19 times champion, beating a record which has been held by Liverpool with the acquisition of 18 titles won.

Exactly 21 years ago Liverpool incised note that seems very difficult to replicate much less broken when they won the Premiership title to 18 in 1989/1990 season. In the same year the Red Devils the title of the new seven.

But 21 years ago Liverpool were forced to recognize the benefits of the MU. When The Kop was never able to demonstrate the competitiveness of the league, very very dominant and the 'Red Devils' Premier League authorities.

Pursuit of Manchester United against Liverpool started the season 1992-1993 when Sir Alex Ferguson gave the first English League title, or the eighth for the Red Devils. On the way MU could have tough competition from Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal and Chelsea to the title of the troops alternately from Theater of Dreams.

And 18 years after the first league title, Ferguson can add 11 other titles. Includes rights to acquire 19 new confirmed a few hours ago, a title that makes them now a club with league title ever.

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