Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pep Guardiola: Champion league final 2009 no advantages

Pep Guardiola has rejected the idea of ​​Barcelona, ​​in 2009 the final victory of the Champions League over Manchester United will help, if Sir Alex Ferguson has set up a rematch at Wembley Stadium this year.

Barcelona cut Real Madrid's rivals in the semifinals after a 1-1 draw at the Nou Camp to go through 3-1 on aggregate, while Manchester United, go into their match against Schalke at Old Trafford on Wednesday with a 2 to 0 lead in the first round.

When asked if the victory in 2009 should help to meet in London Barca, Guardiola said: "Two years ago, I think Sir Alex Ferguson will still be there, [that] always happens in the final of the Champions League by So. us is an honor for me as a young coach, it's an honor to get to the final and play. "

Guardiola was part of the Barcelona team that has clinched his first European Cup at Wembley 19 years ago and is delighted to return to London.

"Football comes home, so it's an honor to play at Wembley," he said. "We won our first Champions League in 1992 at the old Wembley and we are always proud of our club and the players."

Barca midfielder Andres Iniesta, who provided the pass intended Pedro 01.01 Tuesday draw, said: "This is a unique moment that we are in the final after defeating an opponent as strong Real Madrid means a lot ..

"We had one of the best teams in front of us and we have even more reason to celebrate, because it is very difficult to achieve the feat of reaching a final.

"These things are normal. Beyond the rivalry, beyond the struggle for their own interest, fair play must prevail. I just want to talk football and not on matters non-athletes."

Iniesta also insisted that despite his success at the end of 2009, possible in Wembley clash is not inevitable.

"We have a very important step, but we still have to play the final," he said. "I hope we do well and win another Champions League for our fans."

Peter, who aims to open the scoring in the second half, said:''I am filled with joy. It is always difficult to reach the final of the Champions, and have a game against a great team like Real Madrid have made things very difficult.

''They have great players, great team and we are very pleased with the result, because it was very difficult. "I felt a great sense of joy when he scored. Andrés [Iniesta] gave me a great pass, but in this game everyone has a great entry level.

''I hope we can win the Champions League at Wembley, but we know it will be difficult because Manchester [United] have a great team.''

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