Monday, May 23, 2011

There are my close friends

There are my close friends

I have many friends and some of their name is Wahyu, Fauzan, Rendi, Ivo ,and dita.If I go to Bukittinggi, we always met and hang out together. Now I am going to introduce you about my friends.

First, Wahyu. Wahyu is my friend from when I am in Islamic junior high school until now and we always take a trip together. I have a moment with him when I went to Lubuk Basung, there I went to internet café or his staying room. I always playing internet because I playing internet in free there.

Next, Rendi. Rendi is my friend since I am student in Islamic junior high school too. He is a clever one of my friends but he is easier has been tricked. Now he is “Univeritas Negeri Padang” student likes me too and he is student of state administration.

Next, Fauzan. He is my friend when I am student in Islamic senior high school until now. He is student in “STAIN” and he is good in editing photo in “Photoshop” and he is my very naughty friend but he is kind to me and my friend.

And now I am going to tell you about Ivo. Ivo is my youngest friend and the only one girl in my close friend. She is my junior when I am student in Islamic junior high school. Now, she is student in senior high school 2 Bukittinggi.

the last one is my special girl and everything for her,she is dita.she is from bukittinggi too and i knew her in facebook when i wanted to do "SNMPTN" exam.that was happened after i made state to help everyone in my facebook accounts.
she is beautiful lady and i love her since i was finished my "SNMPTN" exam.
i want to tell you about her but i need a long time to tell her to you.

I am happy with my friends and I miss them so much because I was a long time do not meet with them.

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