Monday, May 23, 2011

This is me

My name is Habiburrahman and everyone calls me Habib or Bib. I am from Bukittinggi and my village in Padang Lua. I am the oldest children from 4 brothers and no sister and my brothers are Alim in Islamic Senior High School , Hanafi in Islamic Elementary School, Haikal in Islamic Elementary School likes Hanafi too, and the last Hasby still 2 years old now.
My parent still alive, My mother is English teacher in Islamic junior high school 1 in Bukittinggi and My father is an entrepreneur in engine and as owner in our restaurant.
I am going to tell you about my study ways. First, I am as student in “Dahlia” Kindergarten in Padang Lua. Next, I am student in Elementary School 21 in Padang Lua too. Next, I went to Bukittinggi to continue my study in Islamic Junior High School 1 and Islamic Senior High School 1 in Bukittinggi too. After I graduated in Islamic Senior High School I continued my study in Padang as student of “Universitas Negeri Padang” in Padang city.
I accepted in “Universitas Negeri Padang” as an English department student and now I have living in my aunt’s house in Siteba. I usually go to campus by public transportation. It is cost Rp 2.000.
I am an English department student and now, I hope can get many knowledge and many thing else to improve my abilities to get my better life. English knowledge more helpful because I can understand about English in easier.

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