Thursday, April 28, 2011

Foto Lamaran Ibas (Edhi Baskoro Yudhoyono) Dengan Aliya Rajasa

Cover photo Ibas By Aliya Rajasa two couples seem to have an aura of happiness after his application is complete hold events at the residence of the head of the DPP PAN Hatta Rajasa Tuesday night. Happiness is being felt both families. Earlier, a procession of application Son Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, occurred about 2.5 hours to make Aliya excited.

In the Photo Application Ibas By Aliya Rajasa seems both partners sit face to face, Aliya looked beautiful with a blend of green kebaya and songket Palembang. While Ibas balance it with brown batik shirt.

Earlier, the President seemed to smile and waved as he left the residence Hatta Rajasa in Fatmawati Golf Mantion, Jakarta, at 22:35 pm. SBY Family entourage complete with first lady Ani Yudhoyono took a number of parcels that cover with a cloth. Apparently, the parcel was used for the event as a condition procession seserahan such applications.

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