Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flying Clothes Fiction 'Martin Jetpack' which Has been Manifested in The World

It has been the stuff of science-fiction legend for generations, but the era of futuristic personal space-age travel may have finally dawned.

After completing a gruelling seven-minute outside test flight, the longest ever by a jetpack, the world’s first commercial rocketman suit could be just months from hitting the shelves.

Reaching death-defying altitudes of more than 100ft, the Martin Jetpack's flight last week brought 40 years of development near to a conclusion and the dreams of millions achingly close to reality.

* Size: Height 5ft, width 5.5ft, length 5ft
* Structure: Carbon fibre composite
* Top speed: 60mph (100km/h)
* Range: 31 miles (at max speed). Around 30 minutes air-time
* Current altitude: 160ft (50metres)
* Fuel capacity: Five U.S. gallons
* Fuel economy: 10gph (around 15 cents per 20 seconds flying time)
* Engine: 2.0 litre, 200 horsepower. Max 6,000 rpm.
* Maximum thrust: 600lbs
* Empty weight: 250lbs
* Gross weight: 553lbs
* Price: £50,000 ($75,000)

At its unveiling at a U.S. airshow in 2008, the aircraft did not go higher than 6ft - an arm's reach from a watchful ground crew - or fly for longer than 45 seconds.

Given the success of the trial, the first ‘jet-ski in the sky’ could now be dispatched for solo flights by the end of the year at a price of around £50,000 ($75,000) per machine. visite more

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