Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenny Dalglish: Liverpool will aim high

Kenny Dalglish a contract at the end of the season, but the preferred choice for fans to follow, believes the club should forget the troubles of this season and the challenge at the top table next season.

Sir Alex Ferguson may have been using mind games when he said this week that Liverpool will be one of the next title rivals this season, Dalglish and would not disagree with him.

Dalglish said: "We want this season that the first and see what happens, but he [Sir Alex] is usually not bad, is if someone sets the bar very high, we must reach this level are not again ..? But I hope we will.

"We have Steven Gerrard back next year and if you add that to our firepower, is becoming a little scary."

Liverpool travel to the Emirates to take on Arsenal on Sunday afternoon, and this game where everything speaks Dalglish potential interest evaluator United Title 19.

He said: "There is nothing we can do to lose against Arsenal is going to hurt the players and myself - can not worry about what another person feels ..

"I was surprised Liverpool has not won a championship since 1991. If you do not earn enough points, you do not receive a prize.

"We still won five European Cups, though - what's a little history to cling to.''

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