Monday, April 25, 2011

Personal Jet Aircraft Company Owned Playboy

In 1969, Hugh Hefner was king of the world. Kingdom magazine are top danPlayboy has branches in 37 countries. At that time, a quarter of American college students would buy this magazine every month. This flamboyant then buy a private jet.

On January 27, 1969, the company completed the production McDonner DC-9-32. A month later, Hugh Hefner N950PB ordered it and called it 'the Big Bunny'.

Jet is not a regular jet. The reason is, not many business people have enough creativity and money to invest in house fly it.

Bathroom, Private Room and Theatre
In fact, the current jet, jet N950PB is very luxurious. Sliding doors will bring Hefner to a private room equipped with a long round mattress. After a long flight, he can take a shower and do her job in a special room.

Both passengers were treated to
Passengers can relax in the bar or enjoy a movie on the big screen. When all happy, passengers can dance on the 'disco' lights and decks equipped eight tracks. Clearly, DC-9-32 is Playboy, which broadcasts minus the swimming pool and bowling.

N950PB flight crew would be selected based on appearance. However, they are essentially professional. 'Rabbit' jet was trained at the Continental Airlines in LA.

From Aircraft To Retirement Party
Initially, the jet is based at Purdue and maintained by the university's aviation department. But everything began to change in the mid 70's when the magazine declined. Jet Airlines was sold to Venezuela and was reborn with the name of the YV-19c.

Afterward, the jet is spending his time in the warehouse. In 1989, Aeromexico named 'Ciduad Juarez' and repainted the jet and use it for domestic flights Mexico.

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