Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharks vs Canucks 05/24/2011 Game 5 live stream free TV online 2011

NHL Live San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks Match Schedule Tuesday, May-24-2011, Live Streaming Time: 09:00 PM ETWatch Live San Jose Sharks vs Vancouver Canucks Live Stream On May 24th at Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia.Canucks coach Alain Vigneault made a point of asking the media if anybody had any questions for him about Luongo at the end of his press conference following Sunday's win. Nobody did, but Vigneault was asked on Monday why he even went there and if it had anything to do with his desire to stick up for his goalie, who made 33 saves, yet wasn't even a topic of conversation.

"He played an outstanding game, was one of the best players on the ice, helped us win a game," Vigneault said. "I get tons of questions when some people question a goal he might have let in. For us, he's a great goaltender -- one, if not the best, in the League. His preparation, his commitment to winning, his commitment to this organization is unbelievable. I was curious the way he played such a great game and nobody asked.

"He's a great goaltender that had a great game."

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