Thursday, May 19, 2011

PETR CECH Best Player Chelsea

Peter Cech....

SEASON 2010 - 2011

The annual award, which is held every year at this time causes the name of Chelsea's Petr Cech as Chelsea's Player of the Year 2010-2011. In a gala dinner held in London, Chelsea gave the title to the number five player in accordance with their respective categories. First award went to Best Ramires as goals this season. Ramires appreciated this title after most of the voters who came from the Chelsea fans to choose his goal into the goal at Manchester City last March when Chelsea beat 2-0 Citizen. Ramires was the first scorer in the game, after he successfully passed two hurdles from City players.

2010-2011 Best Young Player of the fans the choice fell to the young England midfielder, Josh McEachran. This 18-year player has entered the ranks of Chelsea's main squad this season. Former Chelsea captain Ron Harris is the recipient of the next award. He was rewarded a special award for his contribution to Chelsea melakoni 795 games with the Blues. Ron Harris was also part of the Chelsea squad that won the FA Cup for the first time the club is based in West London in 1970, and brought Chelsea won the Cup Winners Cup win next year. The next award is the Player Player of the Year or a version of the best players from the players. This award went to Ashley Cole after his team-mates to choose as the best player on the field.

"For me nothing is more meaningful than winning the award given by your friends, you always meet every day and like family," said Ashley Cole. Decision final and most prestigious fall into Petr Cech. Petr Cech finally emerged as the winner of Player of the Year or the Player of the Year 2010-2011 based on votes cast by Chelsea fans around the world. Of the approximately 28,000 votes that go to the official website of Chelsea, Petr Cech, the goalkeeper from the Czech Republic, won the most votes in front of two other candidates who are in three large, Branislav Ivanovic and Didier Drogba.

Cech is the 43rd player to win this award. He became a formidable figure in Chelsea's defense and big plays for Chelsea as a team performance that at least conceded this season. A number of safety are made safe from the load versus Chelsea. "I love this club since my first appearance and I feel like at home here A few players have. There is since I arrived, we passed an extraordinary year, bad year the year of mediocre, but they all make me always feel at home and that is why I still want to be here in the future "." You always want to win everything but the main thing is the Champions League, the only title that we do not win, "said Cech in his speech as the winner this time.

Meanwhile, Ancelotti has expressed an opinion about Cech, "I am pleased with the performance of Cech, he always looks better all the time. I was sitting comfortably on the bench if the goalkeeper Cech him. Professionals are fantastic and the people are fantastic Forward too,. Congratulations.! Award This can be the sweetest gift for Petr Cech who on this day, May 20, celebrate the birthday of 29.

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